Exercise Tiger

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Exercise Tiger

Postby Andyb » Sun Jan 28, 2018 10:01 pm

Please note I do not take credit for this , I simply found it and cut n pasted it for you to read on the forum without all the adds etc , as it was to good to miss :thumbsup:

Here is the Wikipedia link as well


The TragExercise Tiger is one of Britain’s most harrowing wartime secrets. It involved the slaughter of young American soldiers on the shores of a Devon.


At the time the incident was hastily covered up, and the bodies of the GIs who were killed were buried in complete secrecy.

If Allied high command wanted to use Exercise Tiger to give their soldiers a taste of what they would experience during the D-Day landings, they cut far too close to the core. The sea ran red with their blood as corpses bobbed in the surf.
Officially, the deaths were attributed to a surprise attack launched by German E-boats the day after the exercises. The authorities have never acknowledged what happened on Slapton Sands on April 27, 1944, although as time has passed information about the tragedy has become more widespread.

The whole point of the exercise was to make the dress rehearsal as realistic as possible. Dummy enemy positions were built alongside concrete pillboxes. There were 30 men in each assault team armed with flamethrowers, bazookas, machine guns, and mortars.

Slapton was the perfect place to carry out the exercise. The beach consists of coarse gravel and is similarly shaped to the one in Normandy where the real assault would take place.

American troops landing on Utah beach


To make the exercise as realistic as possible, Supreme Allied Commander General Dwight D. Eisenhower ordered that live ammunition was to be used. He wanted it to smell, look and feel like a real battle. He wanted the men to experience seasickness, wet clothes, and the pressure that comes with performing under fire. Instead of giving the soldiers a taste of what would be waiting for them in Normandy, the mock German defenders cut down their comrades in droves.

The Guardian newspaper at the time reported how Lieutenant-Colonel Edwin Wolf heard shots zinging past his ear and saw infantrymen hit the beach and remain there motionless. Royal Engineer Jim Cory recalled that men were ‘mown down like ninepins’ before counting 150 fatalities.

Slapton sands today


An error in communication was also responsible for further friendly fire deaths. During the landing, a naval bombardment was supposed to fire rounds over the top of the assaulting troops. However, American Admiral Don P. Moon delayed the exercise by an hour. When the second wave of GIs hit the beach, they came under fire from artillery, suffering an unknown number of casualties.

The official death toll of Exercise Tiger was 749 men, which is more than perished at the hands of the real enemy during the Utah beach landings. It was the worst loss of life since the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour.

Officially, many of the deaths were assigned to the Battle of Lyme Bay. It occurred the morning after the training when a Convoy T-4, which consisted of eight landing craft carrying men from the 1st Engineer Special Brigade, was attacked by German E-boats in Lyme Bay.

Two ships had been assigned to protect the convoy, but only one was present. Because of a typographical error, the British and Americans were on different radio frequencies and could not properly coordinate. As a result, they were in the dark about the danger lurking below the depths.

The Germans ruthlessly attacked the landing craft, sending men overboard and sinking others. 496 servicemen were on board; 424 died. After the Nazis had launched torpedoes, Allied commanders ordered boats to scatter to avoid more casualties.

It was a death sentence to those still bobbing in the sea. Men died from exposure to the elements but more died because they put their life jackets on around their waists instead of under their armpits. Doing so turned them onto their fronts and forced their faces under water.


Corvette class HMS Azalea – the ship that was supposed to protect the landing craft during the Battle of Lyme Bay.

As a result of the Battle of Lyme Bay, the Normandy invasion was nearly called off. Ten officers with BIGOT-level clearance were missing. That level of clearance meant they knew about the invasion plans and subsequently their capture would have compromised the Allies.

In the aftermath of the disaster, there were multiple reports of mass graves being dug in the Devon countryside to hide the shameful carnage that had been carried out that day. The Guardian reported anecdotal evidence that supported the claim, although it was fiercely disputed.

There were some lessons gained from the grim episode – albeit ones that would seem like common sense now. Radio frequencies were standardized. Better life jacket training was also put in place for soldiers, and guidance was provided for small craft to pick up survivors who were floating in the water on D-Day.

All that cannot hide the fact that the death toll was completely unacceptable and the cover up was shameful. Those men should never have met their death in a training exercise on friendly soil and the lessons learned from the exercise can never mitigate that.




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Re: Exercise Tiger

Postby Dave_Holden » Mon Jan 29, 2018 9:12 am

Inredible read Andy - like the majority never even heard of this. What the hell happened here and this was really a terrible disaster for the alies and of course those involved. Who was brought to account for this? I guess nobody :sad:

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Re: Exercise Tiger

Postby Tailgunnerdownunder » Mon Jan 29, 2018 11:57 am

Sadly there are many instances in military history of tragic events resulting in deaths from friendly fire to training accidents etc. They continue to happen today. This however is one of the worst. Great thread Andy. Regards Mark

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Re: Exercise Tiger

Postby muckaroon1960 » Mon Jan 29, 2018 1:28 pm

I posted a picture of the Sherman recovered off Slapton in the UK memorials section (August 2016) :thumbsup:

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Re: Exercise Tiger

Postby The Devils Bank » Mon Jan 29, 2018 3:48 pm

It was kept quiet for morale purposes, with the D-Day landings coming up.

The actual number of dead soldiers was kept very low, even after the war had ended.

On Eisenhower's orders. /:)

Only recently has the actual figure, become knowledge.

It was in a documentary last year, secret files became available and the shocking truth came out.

He knew he messed up and kept it secret. X(

It was a balls up from start to finish, leaving many young soldiers dead or injured.

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