The Future?

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The Future?

Postby doug6zj9 » Sun Nov 03, 2019 1:34 am

I am new to the hobby. I've been lurking and learning for a couple years and only now starting to collect. I have heard from a couple dealers, or long time hobbyists that prices are declining, although you couldn't tell by me... :wink: I do notice that 95% of the attendees at our local show are senior citizens, including myself... One guy said "they are going to throw this crap in the whole with you" :shock: What do you think?

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Re: The Future?

Postby Tailgunnerdownunder » Sun Nov 03, 2019 10:39 am

A good topic to raise Doug and one which is often spoken about on other forums as well. My first thoughts on this question is that is what I would expect some dealers would say as they are usually at the top end of the price range in collecting. Got to buy and make a profit etc. If prices are falling then I'm not seeing it. Obviously there are exceptions to the 'rules' and bargains can be had but for the most part I think the market is still strong and the same rules apply as always and they are to do your research on both the item and it's market price and if you can get it for slightly less then good on you. Same goes for the seller who's trying to get top dollar. No I think the market is still going strong. The future? Well that's for tomorrow. Now what thoughts on that or indeed Doug's initial question? :grin: Regards Mark.

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Re: The Future?

Postby Dave_Holden » Sun Nov 03, 2019 3:32 pm

For me here in Central Europe I actually see the interest in Militaria growing, particularly amongst the young (which for all of you in the UK I am sure is surprising). Value is generally going up but problem is the young don't have the cash at hand. As an example in the last 12 months I have sold approx 8000 euro worth of stuff but only been able to buy and replace a third. Its rare to find a deal out there but it does happen.

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Re: The Future?

Postby muckaroon1960 » Mon Nov 04, 2019 4:58 pm

Good subject which has been covered on this forum before. The recent medal fair i attended was mainly middle to old aged men who have "disposable income" and as previously pointed out by Mark and Dave its about affordability as well as availability in this game. I've been a collector now some 15 years and pickings are a lot leaner than they were but in saying that I'm now older, wiser and very particular about what i buy. If you have a passion or in some cases an obsession then go for it. Don't be put off by the nay-sayers of this collecting world.
A couple of pointers: if in doubt....leave it out! When you see it buy it! The times I've seen something for sale and dwelled on it only to find its sold when you go back to see the dealer...bummer! (assuming i can afford it of course). And finally (as pointed out by Mark) do your research, it will pay dividends in the end and you will get an education also. Good Hunting and I can tell you from experience you will have good days and bad but mostly good. :thumbsup:

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